AvantGarde Project

“Avant garde” or “avant-garde” is a term borrowed from the majestic language of Molière: French. It literally means “advance guard” or “vanguard”. This fancy adjective has been widely used to designate people, artistic manifestations or works that are particularly innovative, experimental and, overall, ahead of the general expression and mindset of the subject’s era.

The avant-garde style is a new post-war style, originated in youth circles. After the war, people started rethinking the values that affected the design and architecture. The past thoughts and demands became irrelevant, so the society began to create something fresh. If you want to read more about avant-garde definition and origin, please check Wiki recourse.

Today, the avant-garde style became more valuable and accepted than ever before. The largest spread and embodiment of avant-garde style is reflected in art and fashion. Artists and designers create amazing works. Some, such as No.5, 1948, painted by Jackson Pollock, become real masterpieces. Other things can hardly be called works of art, but despite this, they occupy an important place in the history of the formation of avant-garde style. For example, you can learn about the most famous designers in avant-garde fashion by going to this ranking website Valuable, which has ranked all the talented avant-garde fashion designers. Here you will be also able to evaluate the incredible collections of designers and decide whether or not they are so valuable.

Avant garde (or the widely used “avant guarde”) movements reflect the nonconformity of a generation and the echoes of its revolutionary ideals. The limits of what is accepted are pushed towards the edge and the definitions of normalcy are thrown out the window. The rewriting of orthodoxy has marginalized the avant garde figures since society has always rejected or feared sailing through unknown waters. Therefore, avante garde ideals have always been opposed to the mainstream concepts and labels that flood pop culture and keep the masses tied to a herd-like attitude.

Throughout history, musicians have often detached from the norms and built, trails through the most unusual paths. Among the most renowned defenders of avantgarde music, we find the likes of Charles Ives, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Olivier Messiaen, Iannis Xenakis, Lee Ranaldo, Kim Gordon, Kazue Sawaï, Sun Ra and Christian Calon -just to name a few-. Most of the avant-garde geniuses may have not shined during their lifetimes since their consciousness was too expanded or futuristic to receive praise from their contemporaries.

An avantgarde project favors experimental aesthetics; that is, anything “out of the box”. That basically defines the mission of this site: encourage our readers to wake up from the dream that has kept them bound to zombie-hood and explore areas outside the conventions. Originality is what sets this world into motion. That’s why we avantgardeproject.org. Here you’ll find a guide that will allow you to explore the unexplored, to start hearing the voices of those artists that have refused tradition and led the way for others.

If you have always felt inclined towards the renegade, the loner with a notebook in hand, the outcast and the freak, AvantGardeProject.org is your newest ally. If you traded your car for a backpacking trip, your video game for a guitar or your TV for a shelve full of books, you’re on the right track. There are plenty of oddities out there and AvantGardeProject.org will help you out on your quest.

There’s an avant guard artist for every single musical genre. Whether you like rock, metal, classical music, new age, punk, bhajan, electronic, indie, techno, kirtan or heavy metal, you will surely find a vanguard artist that suits your taste. Just skip the critically-acclaimed and move onto more obscure realms; sooner or later, in the midst of the darkest hour, you will find yourself surrounded by a blinding light.