The AGP archive

Is a repository for earlier AGP installments. New installments are available only as bittorrents for the first several weeks.

Thanks to the exceptional generosity of two AGP partisans, we now have mirror sites for all installments, so visitors can choose where to get their files. For AGP1-36, select either the first or second column of buttons on the index page for each installment. For AGP37 and later, select the index page either on this server or on the mirror site by clicking on the corresponding link for each installment below. Generally speaking, the mirror sites are faster.

The audio files in all AGP installments are FLAC files. FLAC is a lossless compression format that decompresses to produce CD-quality WAV files. For information on the use of FLAC files, see Technical Information.

If you would prefer MP3 files, dedicated AGP partisans are hosting AGP installments converted to 192kbps MP3 here and here. Be mindful that some of the musical information is lost as a result of MP3 compression. For optimal sound quality, FLAC files are always preferable.

Looking for a specific composer? Try our alphabetical index. Don’t know where to start? Try one of our editor’s choice sampler CDs.

Or if you like to follow the herd, here is a list of the AGP top twenty.

Or you may be interested in some of my own personal favorites.

AGP1 – Josef Anton Riedl AGP2 – Mauricio Kagel, Acustica AGP6 -Morton Subotnick AGP28 -Whale Songs AGP44 – Mechanical Musical Instruments I AGP65 – Hans Werner Henze III AGP69 – Total Improvisation AGP82 – 9th International ContemporaryMusic Festival AGP83 – Berio Conducts Berio AGP92 – German Orchestral Music I,1980-82 AGP102 – Henry Kaiser, OutsidePleasure LP AGP111 – Horatiu Radulescu, Clepsydra Astray AGP117 – Iancu Dumitrescu