Avant Garde Artists

An avant garde artist in the world of music is a person considered advanced to its own generation, innovating with new, unique and out of the box sounds and are mostly considered as genius with a great visionary approach. Avant Garde artists can belong to any music genre and decade. In modern days there are some examples of avant garde artists, a great example of that is violinist player Hahn-Bin which is the pupil of the worldwide famous violinist Itzhak Perlman.

Bin is considered a violin prodigy by many and he highlights for his funky weird style, and in fact because of that particular style he was billed as the Lady Gaga of classical music; his approach or goal is to bring Mozart again to the masses but he was slightly criticized that with his talent he should be doing new music and bring classical music to a younger audience. Another nickname given to him in “The Today Show” of NBC was the “Oldy One” for classical music, trying to infer that classical music needs to be revitalized.

Another avant garde musician with a whole different music style is Raz Mesinal (well known as Badawi), introducing his brand new collection called “LadyMan”, bringing out the playful side of this talented producer represented with harmonious and up tempo sounds of horns, bass and razor tight rhythms will make you stand up of your sit and dance with innovative combination of sounds.

If you are still not very familiar with avant garde artists and you are interested on entering this fresh world, there are a million options for you to get in contact with this music, including online websites where you can listen for free their music and help them to promote this art, and if you do decide to take the chance, you will realize that this incredibly fresh music will set you on a better mood, becoming your best to take all your stress from the mundane world away.