Avant garde fashion in the works of famous fashion designers

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Avant garde fashion in the works of famous designersAvant garde fashion style originated among the avant garde artists in the mid 60-ies of XX century. However, there is no fashion designer in the world, who would work only in avant garde fashion. The founder of the avant garde fashion is Pere Cardin. He was the first who introduced the avant garde clothing in his famous collection of space suits.


All designers periodically turn to the avant garde style, but they use the elements of this style with caution. So for example, Vivienne Westwood offered avant-garde T-shirts with political slogans as the main design element. Norma Kamali made design of trousers from parachute fabric and wool coat. As a result, it became a symbiosis of a coat and a sleeping bag. A fashion designer Issey Miyake from Japan is also working in avant garde fashion style. A British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes is periodically creating stage costumes for opera divas. Gareth Pugh from Great Britain and Igor Chapurin from Russia are the most talented and valuable avant garde fashion of the new generation of designers.

Avant garde fashion for women always means originality and exoticism. The avant garde style in hairstyles has absolutely no rules or recommendations. The only rule is to give perfection and complete integrity to the image. The length or hair color doesn’t have any importance. Any fantasy can be implemented in reality in this style. But all ideas must emphasize the exclusivity and individuality of the appearance.

Avant garde fashion accessories - Lady Gaga

The first place in avant garde fashion is always taken by a famous singer and actress Lady Gaga. This woman has never been afraid to look defiant. No matter, if there is a piece of meat on her head, or a large button, she never thinks of such insignificant things.

Fashion for men’s avant garde fashion hairstyles can be found in various youth subcultures: punks, rockers, hippies, rappers, emos, and hipsters. They stand out from the crowd shocking with the hairstyles. Now, of course, it is hard to surprise. It seems that we have already seen all the most unusual hairstyles. Avant garde fashion always has a bright accessory that completes the image. This accessory plays the major role. It determines if the image will be exploding and complete as it is required by the avant-garde style.

Avant garde fashion accessories should be chosen very carefully. The main thing is the originality: volume bracelets, necklaces and earrings made of metal or plastic, the chain with complex weaving, bags, hats of original shape, and large size glasses. High-heeled shoes of strange shape or an unusual buckle will fit best of all. A good way of complete the style is making an interstingl hairstyle and makeup. The hairstyles are characterized by clear lines and asymmetry. Avant garde make-up means the most unusual combinations of color, shadow and lipstick. The main rule in avant garde fashion is the lack of any rules.

Avant garde fashion can be eccentric, provocative, defiant and even shocking, but above all it is an experimental approach to art that goes beyond the classical aesthetics.