The main factors that determine belonging of the interior to the avant-garde style

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  1. Play with space and volume. Spacious rooms with non-standard layout, zoning instead of walls and doors, catwalks, arches, stairs. It is believed that the air is a full-fledged part of the avant-garde interior.
  2. Light as part of the style. Large odd-shaped windows, artificial light with different intensity and color, even in different areas of the room are allowed in the avant-garde interior. And with the help of elegant designer’s lamps and recessed lighting the main emphasis in the decor of the room can be arranged.
  3. Unusual colors: the walls, floor and ceiling are of different colors, contrasting color furniture is also used.
  4. The latest finishing materials. The avant-garde interior can and should use the most advanced development. The main principle is a novelty. In the design of the walls metallic wallpaper, decorative plaster will be quite appropriate.

The original colors of surfaces can be provided by advanced coatings. A 3D floor in one of the rooms can be a highlight of the whole apartment.

  1. The original furniture. Classic headset is absolutely inappropriate in avant-garde interior. Everything – from the stool to the wardrobe – is bound to be an unusual, if not in terms of form, at least in terms of the materials from which the furniture is made. There can be no unnecessary decorative elements, preferably clean lines, smooth or sharp, but without the alien to vanguard “openwork”.

Furniture in the avant-garde style from high-tech glass, metal, plastic looks really great in such interiors.

  1. Contrast window decoration. Cloth for curtains is chosen in bright colors, preferably without a pattern, fine details and decorative elements. Color of the curtains should always be contrasted with the walls. Roller blinds are also quite appropriate.
  2. Technology. Plasma on the wall, a modern audio system – all these will harmoniously fit into the interior and will look organic.
  3. Accents. Each room has its semantic center, depending on the function. In the bedroom it is a bed, in the kitchen or dining room it is a table, in the living room it is a sofa.

If it is necessary to express the idea briefly – the most original should be the central element. Let’s take the bedroom. The bed in the bedroom should be more interesting than a closet and dresser, but not vice versa.

In general, we can say that the avant-garde – is an experiment, the challenge of time and tastes. A try to look forward and move its spirit at the present. At the same time it is a definite shift in consciousness, feelings, and desire to learn “what if”. And when a person is ready for active changes of something, not only in the environment, in the objects around, but in himself, the style of avant-garde is the very thing he needs. In avant-garde interior you can find the embodiment of the most daring ideas, the most unexpected solutions. Each room, executed in this manner, is unique and has its own special character.

Avant-garde can be accused in a deliberate challenge and desire to stand out at all costs, but without it, probably, we can’t move forward. Discoveries are not made gradually, they always happen “suddenly”. And this is thanks to people whose eyes burn with a strange fire, new ideas and things, and life itself becomes brighter and more interesting.