Interior decorated in the style of avant-garde

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Vanguard – is artistic and architectural style that emerged in the early XX century. Avant-garde style is the opposite of the classic. Well-established canons create new forms of art that are compatible with the mood prevailing in the society. It should also be noted that the dawn of the style was of the post-war period – the period of the change, the revision of values. It is obvious that after the war, the old values and ideas were unnecessary and useless – and people began to create new forms.

The base of avant-garde style is the color and shape, always contrasting with each other. Generally, the contrast is one of the main features that characterize the style of avant-garde. It should be noted that this style can be combined by rather incongruous objects and materials.


Vanguard – is original and striking leadership, which is making progress in painting and interior design. Its appearance is connected with the revolutionary aspirations of young people in the early 20th century. This is the interior in the style of avant-garde beautiful brave and determined people, who are not afraid to experiment and change.

Interior decorated in the style of avant-garde, can combine any material, but preference is given to modern materials. For example, decorative inserts, new paint, laminate coating are commonly used. advanced materials designed to introduce novelty and dynamics are widely used. These materials will help you in the future to continue to modernize your home.

The furniture in the avant-garde style is an experiment also. Furniture sets on the similarity of “sofa and two chairs” for this room will not do. Each component must be original. This can be a clear rectangular shape, and a variety of rounded shapes, morphs with sharp edges and smooth edges. Vanguard is a brave experiment in which, in spite of everything, general chaos and the contrast of colors – everything is on its places.