Interior design ideas in avant-garde style

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Avant-garde or vanguard interior style is a contemporary and active, overflowing with vivid colors. It is an original and only one of its kind style. It fully meets its name “vanguard” – going ahead. It is no coincidence that all new items that appear in the design and construction industry safely are used in this style of interior.

Interior decoration in avant-garde

Curtains in the avant-garde style are bright and are sewn from modern fabric. Curtains design should be generated in such a way that they contrast with the color of the walls.

The avant-garde style interior is one of the most exciting and innovative styles in the design of buildings. Despite its originality, avant-garde is able to create comfort in the house.

Interior style of avant-garde in its external characteristics is considered the opposite of the classical style. The elements of the avant-garde can complement other styles of interior, or can be used as a basis for the creation of types of interior.

Avant-garde style in the interior was born in the early XX century on a wave of opposition to the traditional culture among the youth.

The main materials used in the avant-garde style interior are the decorative plaster, plastic, textiles, suspended ceilings, laminate, linoleum, etc. Decor in the avant-garde is deprived of pretentiousness and ornate. They form characteristics of sphere, circle, ring, cube.

Colors in the style of avant-garde are characterized by bright colors and a variety of colors in the most unusual combinations. The foundation is the laid-style light colors: beige, white, yellow. To this base some bright colors are added, creating a colorful variety and contrast.

The style is based on contrasts. So dark furniture is put on the background of light walls and in front of dark walls light furniture is being set. Floor and ceiling often do contrasting color to the walls.

The walls of the avant-garde can be painted with paint or wallpaper paste over self-colored light. The walls are decorated with paintings, posters and print of such avant-garde artist movements as Cubism, Futurism, abstract.

The ceilings of the interior in the avant-garde style are high and have traditional white color, or a weak shade of light tone.

A characteristic feature of the avant-garde is the availability of all sorts of indoor catwalks, stairs, arches, moderate rooms vacuum and no congestion of decor items.

Home interior design ideas

Furniture in the style of avant-garde interior is characterized by high functionality and can have both clear rectangular and circular shapes. The furniture combines metal, glass, wood. The main pieces of furniture are wardrobes, tables, chairs, beds. In the avant-garde furniture hi-tech style furniture blends well.

Avant-garde style is inherent in the abundance of light, which is provided by means of natural (due to the large windows) and artificial lighting. Artificial lighting can create a variety of design solutions. This can be chandelier in the middle of the room and a few sconces on the perimeter walls; either the number of ceiling lights and a set of table lamps with torcheres. All lighting in the style of avant-garde interior is square, round and has cylindrical shape.