Most Wearable Fashion Trends

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Can you answer the following questions:

  • How to follow fashion trends?
  • What will be in trend in the next season?
  • How to choose a makeup for autumn-winter 2015-2016?
  • How to create a beautiful make-up?
  • What are the trend colors for nail polish?

If you want to get acquainted with the street fashion of different countries and styles: from avant-garde style – to the classics, from grunge – to glamor, will help you. It is your fashion guide. It will help you to create new fashionable and stylish image. Fashion and you will become inseparable parts of a single whole!

Lets start from the classification of the most popular and famous fashion trends. They include classic, romantic and sporty.

Classic fashion style or traditional is characterized by a controlled minimalism in the lines and a brief cut. Things in this fashion style are valuable for their high quality and good materials. Achromatic colors or neutral shades mostly dominate. This is the most unemotional style; everything in it is extremely moderate. Its highlight is the lack of highly fashionable details. Length, width, sizes and proportions are always average, familiar to the eye.

Romantic style clothing involves the creation of sublime, sophisticated image. This style is characterized by the use of frills, flounces, long dresses with flying cut. The romantic style for men is characterized by vests, scarves, shirts with wide sleeves and romantic styles of hats. Style is inherent in floral print and pastel colors.

Sport style is characterized by free clothing which does not restrict movements. It is intended for sports and outdoor activities. Also, it involves casual clothing often stylized as sport. It has inherent attributes of sports equipment. This style is bright and dynamic by nature. Such clothes have the advantages of practicality and convenience.

These are the tree fundamental fashion trends. In addition, casual style is extremely popular. There are some derivations from the above styles: ethnic fashion style, minimalism, erotic fashion style, military style, colonial style, sea style, vamp and disco style, garzon style, country style, folk and rustic style, eco fashion style, urban chic fashion style, aviator style, new style bow, constructive style, art deco style, linen style, gothic style, vintage style, style “Chanel” and preppy fashion style.