Avant-garde in fashion and style

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Avant-garde style first appeared in the architecture and culture. Sometimes it is quite difficult to define avantgarde. As a fashion style it was born in the 20s in Japan. This style is characterized by straight geometric or shapeless silhouettes. This is a game of forms, demonstration of a very interesting silhouette and cutting. But what does avantgarde fashion stand for in the true sense of its meaning?

Avant-garde fashion is a concept that describes the cutting-edge, innovative and extravagant flow in fashion. It does not fit the generally accepted standards.

Nowadays pure style can rarely be found. It has become fashionable to mix styles. And it is much more interesting, because it gives space for creativity. In the same time not all styles can be mixed. For example, the drama goes well with sports, romance with feminine, sport with feminine. On the contrary, it is very difficult to combine classic with other styles.

Everyone can make up their own combinations. If you are dressed in gray, it can mean that you do not pay attention to clothes, or, more likely, simply seek to merge with the gray mass. Note that creative people dress originally and in an interesting manner. Clothing is one of the means of expression and it should not be ignored.

The basic color in avant-garde style is black. It is used for the background of the model’s perception. Thus, the expression patterns are achieved not by color, but by lines, shapes, cutting. The avant-garde style is using all new fabrics, mesh, paper and cardboard. In fashion and style this style is designed for bright and creative people who want to stand out from the crowd.