The Three Types of Avant-Garde Fashion

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There are three main trends in avant garde fashion.

The first direction of avant-garde in fashion is minimalism. There are only simple materials and shapes. Minimalism in fashion, as a rule, does not use more than one color. If we talk about suits and business clothes, it is black, white or gray. The characteristics of minimalism are: the simplicity of the silhouette, clean lines. Minimalism is different from the further trends by its restraint and monochromatic.

The second direction is conceptualism. If you are a true follower of fashion as a phenomenon, if you admit that there are clothes not for wearing but for contemplation, you realize the true meaning of conceptualism. It was created for the sake of self-realization. You can embody any idea or concept in such collection of clothes. Clothes can be manufactured not only from fabrics, but from any material, like paper, cellophane or metal plates.

The third direction in avant-garde style is deconstruction. If conceptualism can be called classic in avant-garde style, deconstruction is a direction which destroys all centuries-old standards and rules of taste and style. This trend is inherent in critical outlook. The philosophy of deconstruction slips on the verge of playing in associations. Deconstruction on the catwalk is a game of fragments, expressed in the asymmetric, formless, non-standard solutions. For example, you can see a double-sided jacket with one sleeve. Moreover, the element of incompleteness is considered to be a sign of something living and current. Some fashion critics attribute this to the influence of Japanese aesthetics.

Avant-garde clothing

Avant-garde style is an experiment in clothes and fashion in general. This experiment extends the fashion boundaries. It is a clothing revolution for traditional ideas and standards. This style is looking for new forms and technologies, manipulate non-standard elements of clothes and accessories and create a new image on the edge of fashion.